Artistic style animated in photoshop timeline

Artistic style, frame by frame 2d animation, timeline

Animated using Photoshop timeline.
Is important to use Adobe Photoshop software to achieve an Artistic brush style. With the effect of the brushes is possible to make a pittoric a textured animation. That would be different from a vector program that uses another type of line calculation. In photoshop timeline all frames can appearance creative and stylish for grip a perfect artistic result.

First of all, we need to place a field, make more area spacing for the different video size cropping.
Then we can start a rough animation, do a test and check if works. This is the first and important part, the success of animation depending on doing an appealing movement, that follows the right dynamics.
After is necessary to set up frames timing and see how to work better. Decide the number of in-between and start to complete the animation.
Drawing the in-between is important even for that frames that need and exaggeration pose, for example in a jumping frog the pose when the characters smash the ground should be very rubber it and for the intercalation, we can use a smooth dynamics.
If every part of the animation work we can clean up all poses. In this phase is possible to choose a favourite artistic brush using the possibility to choose a double brush or texture.
Remember to keep the workspace clean, label the layers.
Check the arcs, for this test find a point that is stable not a part of the animation that has a secondary animation like hair or tail, do the arcs of this type after the main. Pass to the colouring, a fancy method in Photoshop is using the Lazo to select all area, and then colour all part of the character.
Render the final animation. When we are satisfied with all part of animation we can consider the scene done. Collecting all layer in a subdivided folder in case of composing. The rendering, in this case, should be divide from line animation and colouring.


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