Be clever chose a 2D animation

“Be cleaver chose a 2D animation

Spread your message to the world with an original cartoon.

The effort behind the beauty of the frame by frame technique of traditional animation.

Those who choose to spread their message to the world through a cartoon they are choosing something that for sure works! The traditional technique, frame by frame, is a natural call to action. The potential client is caught through that emotion of the child that all human beings have inside. the message arrives through a magical container. Is not only an exchange of information but you can give a good memory from childhood essence, associate to your product or service or what is need it to share.


Why does Cartoon Animation work for adv?
The traditional cartoon is the most complex video technique. It takes art, taste, technique, patience, passion and that secret ingredient can only be known by traditional entertainers. That philosopher’s stone that allows the alchemy of 2D animation to WORK MAGICALLY.


The complexity of the 2D techniques:

20 seconds are 500 frames of which 250 are drawn, of which 200 are intercalations and 50 key poses.

Behind an animation there is a lot of work, not only the animation itself, that is just one part of all pipeline.

There are also the phases of the study of movement. The characters design the sets, the style, the colouring, the compositing.


The 10 phases of animation:

1. Style

2. Storyboard

3. Videoboard

4. Clean up the animation

5. Made the in-between

6. Made the background

7. Arcs animation

8. Colouring

9. Finalize the principal and secondary animation

10. Compositing and camera movement.

Follow all pashes with rigour and precision made a perfectly working animation.
The third phase is important to have a general view of all video. Here timing and major animation are decided.
Drawing the in-between have to follow a traditional school that teaches to do exaggeration pose when is required. For example for a bouncing ball, is important doing a smash when is on the ground and overlap itself when is in the slow part of the arcs. The intercalation of this animation has to be less spacing when is drop.

Traditional Animation is different from other animation techniques.
And has another appealing even for the rhythmic and the timing that is more fluent respect another method.
here is possible to choose a materic, pittoric art style. Whit gradient, texture and have a smooth and gorgeous and tasty result. That would be different from a vector, that is used for motion graphic, in this technique all frames can appearance creative and stylish for grip a perfect artistic result.

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