From the draft to the final animation

From Draft to final Animation. Like a thought from rough become fine, even the animation process works in the same way."draft became final" #creativecocco#creative #creativity #animation #2d #2danimation #framebyframe #digitalart #paperless #pipeline #freelance #video #videoanimation #motiongraphics #motion #design #drawing #anime

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From the draft to the final animation.
Like a thought that becomes subtle from coarse, the animation process works the same way.
From the draft the animator goes to a finalization process.
The techniques are varied, in the case of this animation I started from the basic illustration, given by the professional artist: Gwendal le bec, who worked for The New York Times, The Guardian, Le Monde and many other important newspapers.
I started from the key poses of an element, in this case one of the seagulls in the background. I started by studying the movement of flight. I did research and small tests to do what in technical jargon is called the movement study. I drew the four main key poses sketched in the beginning. Once I confirmed the functioning of the draft animation, I moved on to drawing the intercalations. For the style required and the mood of the illustration I saw that the step four worked on the machine (the technical part that defines the timing of the frames).
I then moved on to animating the other scene elements, first the other background elements and then those in the foreground.
I split the main illustration so I can animate the elements separately.
I started from the movement of the pedal cycle. I studied it so as to make the first and the last frame coincide, to give back that feeling of continuity. In animation this is called a loop or loop. I then animated the protagonist’s hair that flutters in the wind. These more fluctuating elements, which have a different physical reaction in reality such as hair for humans, hair or tails in animals, the fluttering of fabrics etc. they are called secondary action, with a different dynamic.
I then animated the so-called props, or props in this case the bicycle, with the same logic as the cycle for the wheels.
After doing all the key poses, the intercalations went to clean up. this phase is so called, because it goes to clean up all the imperfections or burrs of the line and then goes on to the coloring phase. Finally I brought together all the levels, the various symbols and symbol instances or the so-called compositions on the stage and in the timeline. Coming to have the 2D animation composed and ready to be exported.

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