The Toonme hashtag is a challenge that has now caught on everywhere.

The beauty of this creativity lies in carrying a cartoon version, an image, often a selfie, taken from life.

The attraction lies in seeing your own image, or that of another person, in a drawn version. We imagine ourselves as protagonists of an animated series, or posing for a portrait, in short, toonme accompanies us in that imaginary where the border between reality and fantasy is blurred. Just take a step and we find ourselves catapulted into a cartoon. We can even think that drawing becomes reality, as the 90s film imaginary offered us. We watched Zemeckis’ Roger Rabit animated alongside real characters. As well as the protagonist of Nicholas’ Volere Volare, from human he became cartoon. Consistently, it is reality that becomes more and more visibly the result of a design.

This phenomenon makes us understand how there is a turnaround with respect to the search for reality. From the intention of going towards an image of reality, painted from everyday life, in which the cappuccino taken at the bar in the morning, or a selfie as soon as you wake up, we are making a radical reversal. The conception of creativity also changes, which becomes the basis, the material from an instrument.

Are we in a reality that can be drawn or are we in a drawing that has become real?

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