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Storyboard Episode "Roses", Visual Storyboard

This is the visual storyboard for the episode “Roses” commissioned by the Monnalisa brand. A brand video to promote the spring summer collection.

Storytelling recalls the adventures of the protagonist. This time the little Monnalisa finds herself in the green labyrinth that leads her to discover a florid rose garden 🙂

The Incipit begins with a setting of eighteenth-century villas. The development is the path of our heroine in the enchanted labyrinth. The turning point is the encounter with the one in the classic narrative called the friend, the helper. In this context two bees, through their involving flight, lead to the conclusion of the episode. In the final is the aulic atmosphere that accompanies the spectator with a smile also this episode. Waiting for the next opening of Monnalisa’s travel diary. The protagonist finds in this path the exit from that world of research and arrives at the infamous garden full of life, light, and perfumes.

The brand has chosen to promote the spring collection by involving its customers with an ecstatic imagination.

The atmospheres and the backgrounds that I have produced through a pictorial illustration have added value to the patterns and textures of the clothing roses and bees. The visual design was then filled in the post-production phase. The use of effects with the particular was used to make the graphics element marry the animated element.

In the storyboard, machine movements were chosen for the purpose of the story. At the beginning of the course of history: the entrance to the labyrinth. An overview of the top makes Monnalisa rediscover, within its path. For a long time, the labyrinthine disorientation coincides, passing through a temporal ellipse the protagonist is in a sequence plane in the middle of the space.

At the beginning of the helper, a lateral view to the left, which symbolizes the return to the origins, accompanies the eye of the viewer up to an arch. Personalized visual element to enclose and frame the arrival, the heart of the heart that has provided the path that ends in the magical garden.

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