How is setting a background atmosphere

Setting Background


How is setting a background atmosphere in an animation scene?
Simply level by level.

The layers in the sets are a fundamental tool for the construction of the composition. All the little tricks that regulate an operating scene. Details are essential to make the atmosphere in scene work. Every small element must work alone and as a whole in harmony with the rest of the picture.

The right composition of a scene holds the contour of the depth of the field. This is achieved by studying the proportions of the elements and inserting them in the field perspective.

Coloring is another fundamental aspect. Saturation and desaturation of colors in the different planes mean that the composition is not flat. Also in coloring, it is good to combine the colors that go well with each other. Often they are colors of the same or the same color, but a good result is also given by the combination of complementary colors. Purple-Yellow, Blue-Orange, Red-green, just to mention the primary colors. But in the scale of nuances the unions of colors are opposed but at the same time are completed are infinite. Itten the teacher who studied and began to give a technique and set up a complete theory of color is still a school.

And last but not least, LIGHT. Without it, there is no atmosphere.

The light has different shapes, cuneiform, linear, particulars, and spot. This great tool is used, generally at the end, to go to illuminate and give life to the whole scene.

Lighting also helps narration, a picture is only fixed in appearance. In the choice of the field, there is storytelling, even if the viewer can not grasp the narrative on a visual level. The look is directed as a background the artist decides to accompany it.

The world of scenography is wide, it contains many instruments and if are applied in the right way, the result can be magical.

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