Three perfectly coordinated software to produce an animation

Three software perfect coordinated to do an animationFlash, After and Photoshop speak to each other.Background, Animation, and Compositing#creativecocco#animation #2danimation #aftereffects #motionlovers #womanartist #illustration #atmosphere #art #background #animation2d #animationvideo #style #drawing #artvisual #cartoon #digitaldrawing #brush #animationdesign #adobe #wacom #cintiq #compositing #layer #ability #speedvideo #tutorial

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Three perfectly coordinated software to produce an animation.
Flash, After Effects and Photoshop talk to each other.
Scenographies, Animation and Composit.

For the series How it is made, a small extract of two scenes in 2D animation elaborated in mixed technique.

An animated video is a project very functional for the commercial positioning of a product or service. The complexity of the animation process must be considered. An animated video starts with a creative idea. This is then developed into a screenplay from which the main components are extrapolated to move to the next stage that of the style table. Here the style of the video is born, the atmosphere the characters shape the colors, the study of the character and the creation of a style. Then style and history are combined to produce the storyboard, panels illustrated in visual succession. This phase is fundamental for understanding and having an overall idea of ​​how our video will be in the final phase. It also serves to make an adjustment on the timing of the video and the transitions between one scene and another as well as the main camera movements and the main animations. The key positions, those characterizing the various characters, are beginning to be glimpsed. We then move on to a purely technical part called layout. It is the moment in which we study the dimensions of the sets divided by levels based on the movements of the room. The intercalations between the different key poses of the animation are decided and the processing is divided among the different software. Here the pre-production phase ends and we then move on to the production phase of the animation and definition of all the scenes. In this project, I used Photoshop for the scenography and the textures of the characters. The style chosen is a complex style between Cartoon and pictorial. The animation was carried out in part in flash and then composed in the after effect. This is one of the final stages before moving on to post-production for adding audio and those corrections. Here the Three perfectly coordinated software to produce an animation, create the magic of movement. The stylistic rendering seeks a high quality of style to reflect the brand of the product advertised in the video spot.

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